New Site

30 July 2014

This site is side effect of my experiments with GitHub Pages for one project I’m working on. Cool thing about GitHub pages is that you can create content of your page using Flavored Markdown upload it to the git repository and Jekyll will assemble markdown documents to final static page. In this case the design of the site is created from Bootstrap theme called Brushed.

How to Reproduce This S..t?

If you will want to reproduce my pages, because you want to be inspired or steal my content (“Good artist copies.”), then it is very easy. You have to have installed Linux/UNIX, git and Ruby in version 1.9.3 or higher and then type following commands:

git clone
bundle install
jekyll server --watch

After this open following link in your browser: http://localhost:4000 and you should see the same content as you are looking at right now. When you will modify any markdown document in e.g. ./_posts/ directory, then Jekyll will automatically recreate all modified pages.

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